March on Digital Photography School – Shadows and Useless Rules

This month’s article over on Digital Photography School are of a different tone. Instead of straight tutorials, I discuss some of the aesthetic concerns that we address as photographers.

5 Portrait Photography Rules You Should Probably Ignore

If there’s one …

Headshots With Romey

This past Friday, I had a short headshot session. The focus of the session, other than the headshots themselves, was an emphasis on a polished simplicity over three separate lighting set-ups. Here are some of the results; a mixture of …

Kathy Alexa Take Two

I had the tremendous pleasure of working with Kathy Alexa for a second time. Once again, she brought along some great wardrobe (including a great piece from Malice) and her amazing make-up skills. Together with a concentration on lighting …

Shooting Ambellina

Recently, I spent an afternoon with Ambellina working on some stylised portraits and headshots. These are some of the results we attained on the day.

Headshot and Beauty Photography by John McIntire

Latex Bats

Latex Bats

Violaceous Latex


When Kathy Alexa brought this bat-shaped  latex headbandby the incredibly talented Violaceous Latex along to a recent shoot, I immediately thought they would be suited to some stark black and white headshots.…

Flowers In Her Hair

Flowers In Her Hair Flowers In Her Hair Flowers In Her HairWhen Monika recently stopped by for a shoot, we decided to do a series of black and white emotive  headshots using her floral headpiece and skill with expressions.


A Splash of Colour

It’s a new year and for this one, I’m determined to develop a few new techniques, both in-camera and in post production to add even more diversity to my work. There’s not much more to it it then that, so …