April has finished and the folks over at Digital Photography School have published two more of my articles this month. One of these is a straight step by step tutorial for studio photography and the other discusses the potential consequences of taking a break from photography.

7 Steps to Perfect White Portrait Backgrounds in the Studio

If you’ve ever wanted to get white backgrounds right straight out of the camera, follow this tutorial to get you there every time.

In this tutorial, I teach you how to get perfectly white backgrounds straight out of the camera. That means that there’s no post processing and no fiddling about afterwards.

The Real Consequences of Taking a Break from Photography

Ever thought about taking a break from photography? Read this first. There may be consequences that you won’t be willing to face.

If you’ve ever felt fed up and disillusioned with your photography, you may have considered taking a break. I did and I followed through with it. This article discusses a fair list of the potential consequences of taking a mid to long term break from photography. Weigh these up before you make your choice.

Onward to May

That’s it for April. Next month’s articles will include a few lighting tutorials as well as gear reviews. See you then.