This month on Digital Photography School, I reviewed the Pixapro 105cm 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Softbox and wrote about the broad and short lighting patterns.

Pixapro 105cm 16-Sided Easy-Open Rice-Bowl Softbox

This softbox from Pixapro is nothing short of incredible and since I bought it at the Photography Show, I haven’t stopped using it. 

I have (and have access to) a lot of modifiers. Most I like, but some of them I love a lot more than the others. The first time I took the Rice Bowl out of it’s bag, it went straight into the love list.  

Here, you can get a grasp of the size of this softbox.

To keep a long story short (you can always read the full review), I love this thing and even though I have yet to get it out on location (the reason I bought it), it performs well in a studio environment. 

The Pixapro Rice-Bowl just does a wonderful job.

There are a few key points you should know about the Rice Bowl Softbox:

  • It’s well made.
  • It’s easy to set up, as it folds like an umbrella.
  • It’s large, but lightweight and collapsible; therefore, portable.
  • The qualities of light it produces are great. 
  • It comes with a great price tag of around £85. 

All in all, this is a great softbox for anyone that wants flattering portrait light on the go. Do check out the review on dPs if you want my full run down. 

Understanding Broad and Short Lighting in Photography

In this article, I outline the basics of the broad and short lighting patterns. It breaks each pattern down to make it easy for you to understand why and when you would want to use them, and how to start using them in your photography. 

Both of these lighting patterns are effective ways to inject a bit of mood, drama and a whole lot of contrast in your photos. They can also be used to emphasise or de-emphasise some of your subject’s features.  

If all of this sounds a bit complicated, it’s not, I promise. To make it as easy as possible there’s plenty of lighting diagrams and behind the scenes pullbacks to help you to get started right away.