A couple of months ago, I was approached by Good Light Magazine to write a lighting tutorial for their magazine. Having seen another tutorial I wrote about shooting on white backgrounds, they expressed an interest in a similar article. 

The result was published in Issue 66 of Good Light magazine.

Whether or not you like working with a white background stylistically, it is still one of the most useful skill sets for any studio photographer to have a firm grasp of. This is especially true in terms of commercial photography where sole focus on the subject is paramount. 

In the tutorial, you can learn a few good practices to help you to shoot portrait subjects on a white background and get great results straight out of the camera. The article discusses techniques that will help you achieve perfect separation from your subject and background and it also discusses how to get a good exposure between all of the elements in your frame. It also details some of the basic equipment you will need to get the most out of the technique. 

Here are the tearsheets for my article “White and Light”.

If you’d like a copy of Issue 66 of Good Light Mag, you can download a copy here.